Theater Candy Vendor


Front door of the candy machine.

The door has been stripped, sanded and repaired. This candy machine was in for total restoration. If you know the brand along with any other information about this machine please write to me and I'll post it here. This machine was used in the lobby of a movie theater. 


The shell with interior removed. The finish has been stripped inside and out.


A former worker had ruined the original veneer. A fast refinishing job was done to sell the machine. Workers sanded through the veneer on both sides. The old veneer was removed, then the cabinet was repaired. Here you see new veneer has been applied to the case. At the very top a new strip of burled walnut has been applied.


After refinishing.


The front with factory veneers. Six vending mechanisms (top), proved to be time consuming.


Craig Beirman from Speed and Sport Plating in Texas worked overtime on the chrome. I usually hire Craig to nickel plate parts for the older machines.