Mills Perfume Vendor


Mills perfume vendor. I wish I had more photos of this machine. To find an unrestored, untouched example of a coin operated machine of this vintage is unusual today.   The condition of the exterior wasn't much better than what you see here. 

The distributor block pictured here is attached to the front casting. When you move the pointer on the front, a different tube connects to the piston (not shown).


A rusty coin chute directs the penny to a cup below. When the handle is pushed it activates the piston on left that causes the perfume to spritz out the front casting.


The old rubber tubes were crushed up and the fragments shaken out the end of the cloth cover. Then, a new rubber tube was inserted into the old cloth to keep the original look. 


Notice the tube leaves the piston and connects to the distributor. Also, the long hook releases to pop off the top. The operator has to be able to fill the four glass jars located behind the sheet metal frame.


The cabinet was finished in orange shellac.


Each bottle would be filled with a different color and supposedly, a different scent of perfume. The customer moves the indicator to the desired color, holding her handkerchief in front of the corresponding flower on the front casting. The handle protruding from the front of the casting on the right side (notice the curved piece for your finger) would be pushed down as the perfume dispenses out the center of the flower.


A very collectible and rare machine.