Antique Mechanical Restorations
Restorations Since 1973

    Click on the headings to the left to view photographs of machines I have restored. The photos were not taken for this site but are made up of progress photos to document a restoration. The quality of the photos are therefore inconsistent. If you like mechanical, the Gable is a must see!

    Click on "Ampico A Restoration" to view my "Guide to Restoring the Ampico A".  You will find more than 100 photographs along with pages of text to help the hobbyist restore his own Ampico reproducing piano. It is also a great section to see the quality of my work if you are a potential customer. This guide will be useful in the restoration of all pneumatic machines.    

    I have been a full time restorer of music machines since 1973. Through the years I have restored almost five hundred automatic pianos. At this point in my career I restore two or three pianos a year. My usual restoration work is based on time and material. I work with a refinisher and a restringer leaving every man to his own craft, while I concentrate on the mechanical/pneumatic work and piano actions.
   I restore coin operated pianos and player grand pianos both Ampico A and Duo-Art.  I work on foot pumped player pianos at a quoted flat rate price for folks wishing to preserve a family heirloom.
    In the coin-op field I restore Paces Races and Baker's Races coin operated horse race machines, as well as many unusual coin operated collector's machines such as Rockola World Series, Mills dice machines, Mills Roulette, Regina Hexaphones, slot machines and other strange old mechanical wonders my customers bring in.
    I do not restore music boxes, wind up phonographs or jukeboxes. 
    If you would like to hire me to restore a piece for your collection, click on the heading "Contact Me" on the to the left for my phone number and email address and I'll be happy to speak with you.    
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