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Baseball Gum Vendor

    One of my regular customers collects baseball games, not limited to coin operated machines, he collects board games as well. His collection has been featured as a display in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown NY.
    This unusual coin operated game vends gum with every play. The machine came to me missing the gum vendor and the back door. I was hired to restore the machine and fabricate the missing parts. A twin to this machine was borrowed to copy from.

    A new back door has been made including a lock and key of the same type. The cabinet has been finished using orange shellac. The aluminum castings have been polished and painted.

    I'm holding up the original gum vending mechanism I used to copy from. The copy, as you can see, has been installed in the machine I have restored. There were a few aluminum castings that needed to be made as well as some machined parts.
    There is a round casting just behind the small marquee on the very top. This casting unlocks so gum balls can be poured into the vendor.


    The ball in play is flicked around the loop with skill. The customer tries to let the ball fall onto one of the tags sticking out from the bases. The store keeper would then award a bonus to the player.

    Even though a machine like this is small, it can take many hours to restore it.
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